Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things are so crazy. We are getting ready to pcs to NY. Didn't realize how much work I was actually going to have to do lol. Time is going so fast now, soon we will be celebrating Christmas together and then movers will get our stuff and then we are outta here and on our way back to the sweet 'ole east coast!!! I can't wait to be closer to our families and friends. We have missed so much! Looking forward to moving into a bigger and prettier house!!! Which will mean new furniture and more stuff to decortate!! So much to look forward to. Only down fall is having to say goodbye to my two best friends!!! Even if it is just for a little while :) Skype will most liklely be our best friends again!!

I am excited for Christmas!! I got such amazing gifts for both of my loves. I love that I am able to splurge on them this year and not really have a budget. All my hard work has paid off so much and I love it!!.

Our life is great right now, and I so happy and in love. I am blessed. What more could a girl want!