Saturday, July 31, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

This deployment is getting closer to the end. And I am getting so giddy. This second deployment wasn't easier than the first. A lot of things were different this time around that made it for a challenge at times. But we over came it, and came out on top. All this time apart is getting ready to end and his kiss and hug will make this all worth it. And to be able to look in his eyes and know that we have grown so much from this and our marriage is stronger than ever.

I have been staying so busy to make the time go extra fast. Nights are the hardest when I am sitting in the bed and I want to roll over and say good night and I can't. Soon I will be able to and I can't wait. My husband has worked really hard this deployment and had to go through a lot. I couldn't be any prouder of him and for what he has done and the man he has made himself.

I am happy to say Deployment-0 Budrecki Family-2!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Steps into the right direction

New to the blogging world, but since all the "cool kids" are doing it, I thought it would be a good outlet to distress and just let it all out from the everyday troubles.

S0 many changes. Our princess is getting potty trained and is doing amazing. Who knew that some princess panties and letting her use the big potty on her own would do the trick :) She is such a smart cookie, speaking new words everyday and is putting together sentences. It amazes me how much a little girl can take in so much information and learn so much on a daily basis. She never ceases to amaze me. I am one proud momma. I have had to make some changes in myself and my life. I am learning that I am too nice of a person and wear my heart on my sleeve. It took a lesson to be learned for me to realize I will not do handouts anymore and won't help people out anymore. Comes back to bite you in the ass when you expose things. But it was a lesson learned. I am brushing it off and just being done it with it all. All the "things" I lost can be replaced and in the end doesn't matter to me if I "won" or "lost" I have learned who my real friends are through this learning experience and I am grateful for them all. My hands are washed and I have learned from this all and am moving on and it's only up from here :P

I am so excited to finish school, just a few more months and I will be proud to say I have a bachelors degree :O) Never in a million years thought I would be on the track that I am. I can't wait till everything falls into place. Hopefully all this work will pay off when I get accepted to ocs.

These next few months are going to be crazy but so worth it . We are ending a years long deployment. This deployment has not been the greatest for my husband and I. But we came through once again and stronger than ever. I never knew that my love could still to this day grow more and more for that man. He has been my backbone and has supported me in everything I have wanted to do or dreamed to do and a million thanks to him would never cover how grateful I am to have him as my soul mate and my best friend.

I am excited for my husband to come home and my family to be whole again. We get to get our new car. So looking forward that!! Our family coming out here to visit. Our trips we have planned and our move to Fort Drum. I have had the chance to get to know some pretty amazing girls there and I am excited for the move there. Especially to be closer to our families. I would have to say that is the biggest aspect I am looking forward to, being able to drive home and not spend hundreds on a plane ticket. And being able to make several more trips home and not just at holidays like now.
I am getting so giddy with all the homecoming planning and getting all the decor and all the plans together. I can't believe that in a SHORT while I will have my husband back!! And I get to be happy again.

I am living my life to the fullest, making memories with some pretty amazing woman that I get to call friends. I have been blessed with so much. And I am so grateful. I am no longer going to allow conflict and drama in my life. And thus far my life has been so peaceful. Things are great and it's only going to get better :P

Till Next Time