Saturday, March 5, 2011

Momma + 2

Mommy Graphics

We are expecting baby number two!!! We are so excited and happy. According to the chinese gender chart, we might be having a boy! I am so happy. I kind of gave up on hope that another baby was in our future. It is funny how it happened though. When I had my Ava I said I didn't want to have another baby till she was at least three and in two months she will be three lol. I feel bad at the same time, because I have a best friend that wants to have another child and has tried and nothing has happened. I feel bad for being excited that we are having another child and she can't at the moment.

Day Five

A picture of your favorite memory.
My favorite memory is when my love bug came into my life. Ava has completed my life in so many ways. Changed it in so many ways. She is my reason for life. My greatest accomplishment in life is being her mommy!